Although MIC is hoping for more seats to be allocated for it in the 15th general election, it would not be overly-ambitious in the matter.

In saying so, its Deputy President M Saravanan said the party will first look at, and evaluate the current situation before deciding on fielding candidates.

According to Saravanan, MIC hopes to contest for the Padang Serai (Kedah) and Teluk Intan (Perak) parliamentary seats, if given the opportunity to do so by Barisan Nasional leadership.

"Now, (with) the Muafakat Nasional (MN) and Bersatu, we (MIC) may have to share (seats) with the other parties. So, we can’t be over-ambitious, we will wait and see.

"If there is no new consensus, maybe we will ask for more seats as there are vacant seats from Gerakan," Bernama quoted him telling reporters after the opening ceremony of Wisma Tun S.Samy Vellu in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

In the last (14th) general election, MIC won two out of the nine parliamentary seats it contested - which is Saravanan's Tapah, and the Cameron Highlands by C Sivarraajh.

The Election Kuala Lumpur High Court, however, later declared the Cameron Highlands seat vacant after corrupt practices were found to have led to Sivarraajh's win. A by-election was eventually held and BN's Ramli Mohd Noor won the seat.

As for state seats, MIC only managed to win three out of the 18 seats it contested in GE14.

Gerakan, meanwhile, quit BN following its dismal performance in the last polls.

Saravanan reiterated that MIC will continue to contest in its nine traditional seats and 18 state seats in the next election.

Source: Bernama
Photo source: Astro Awani