We are often treated with storylines depicting bad, vengeful relationships between mothers and daughters-in-law, in Indian serials.

But a recent incident in Rajasthan has rubbished such cliched notion, and proved that love can indeed go a long way.

Meet government school teacher Kamala Devi, who supported, educated, and remarried her daughter-in Sunita, who was widowed after just six months of marriage.

Sunita was married to Kamala Devi's son Subham in May 2016, and he was passed away from a stroke while pursuing his MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, in November 2016.

Instead of blaming Sunita for her son's demise, as any Indian serials' mother in law would do, Kamala Devi supported and loved her daughter-in-law over the next five years. She pushed Sunita pursue her Masters degree and eventually, a B.Ed degree, which facilitated the latter to secure a job as a History teacher at a local school.

It did not stop there. Kamala Devi recently got Sunita remarried to an auditor named Mukesh, in a grand ceremony that did not involve any dowry. The woman reportedly did not ask for any dowry when she got her son married off to Sunita, nor did she offer any when she gave away her daughter-in-law.

Such a refreshing story indeed. At a time where we are served with stories of feuding mothers and daughters-in-law, Kamala Devi and Sunita are shining examples of how such a relationship should really be.

Source: Storypick.com
Photo source: hauterrfly.com