Senior citizen Noraini Zainal Abidin, 63, has given her house to a needy non-Muslim family of three to stay in, the last four years.

The family in question is A Nathendrex, 48, his wife M Mageswary, 40, and their son N Thiru, 12. Nathendrex had been unable to work for the last two months due to an illness concerning his stomach, while his wife has been blind from diabetes-related complications the last two years.

Thiru, meanwhile, has been crippled in both legs since birth and is unable to walk.

According to the report, Noraini has provided shelter for the family at her house in Kampung Sri Parit in Lukut, Port Dickson, while she lived at her child's house in Kuala Lumpur.

"We used to be homeless and there have been times we lived in unoccupied houses. Then 'mother' found us and gave us a place to live, while she herself lived with her child.

"She drops by to visit us now and then, to see what we need," Nathendrex told the Malay tabloid daily.

Nathendrex makes a living by collecting scrap metal and other recyclable items for a living.

"We used to be homeless, but thanks to 'mother', we have a home," he added.

Noraini told the daily that she doesn't mind giving out her house for the family to live in, as she symphatises with her predicament.

"Let them live here, as there have nowhere else to go," she said.

Thanks a bunch indeed Noraini. She has proven that humanity and compassion transcends race and religion.

If we had more people like Noraini, the world would be a much better place to live in.

Source& Photo source: Harian Metro