At least one person has died and over 350 others have fallen to a mysterious illness sweeping across Eluru city in Andhra Pradesh in India.

Patients experienced seizures, burning eyes, sudden loss of consciousness, dizziness, headache and frothiness, among others. The cause of the illness is yet to be ascertained.

The mysterious illness, dubbed "Eluru disease" started over the weekend, and the only fatality (so far) occurred on Sunday.

More than 300 people were hospitalised with symptoms, but over 100 people have since been discharged after fully recovering. Some patients experienced symptoms only for a matter of minutes, while others experienced more severe attacks.

Blood tests and CT (brain) scans conducted on the patients returned normal results, and health authorities are awaiting results from Cerebral Spinal Fluid tests conducted on the patients for clues.

Authorities have also ruled out COVID-19 as all the patients tested negative for the disease.

Source: India Today, CNN
Photo source: India Today