The flood victims in Bentong and Karak, Pahang are currently caught between a rock and a hard place.

Not only do they have to cope with massive clean ups to get back to normalcy, at the same time, they do not get any help from the local authorities who are supposed to assist with the efforts, reported Malaysiakini.

One such victim is 68-year-old Yew Siew Sing, who resides at Kampung Kemansur in Bentong. She has to fork out her own RM250 to rent a disposal bin to get rid of debris brought in by the floods, as well items from her house, such as books and other things damaged by the flood waters.

According to the report, the residents, through their state assemblyperson, have countless times sought help from the local authorities, but the latter have said helping out is not possible at the moment, due to the lack of manpower.

The residents face the same problem when it comes to disposing the rubbish accumulated in the bin. They have been waiting for the local council to do the collection for days, but no avail. Now, the rubbish have started to stink.

Most of the residents' vehicles were also damaged in the floods, which means they cannot conduct the rubbish disposal themselves, they lamented to the portal.

To compound the matter, the affected areas also face issues with water supply restoration.

The low pressure water they get is hardly sufficient to clean up the massive amount of mud left behind by the floods, one resident said.

To overcome this problem, some residents have resorted to collecting water from a nearby waterway, using a temporary pump machine.

Pahang Water Management Bhd (Paip) have said they are in the midst of conducting clean up works at 13 water treatment plants, which were affected by the floods in the state.

So far, 39 people have reportedly died from the tragic floods last weekend, in Selangor and Pahang.

Source & Photo source: Malaysiakini