"Modern problems require modern solutions," said American comedian Dave Chappelle once.

Perhaps this is what a Bengali man thought of when he advertised in a matrimonial section, looking for a bride who "must not be addicted to social media".

The screenshot of the post on a local Indian newspaper has been trending on social media, especially Twitter, since yesterday.

According to the would-be groom identified as Chatterjee, he is a 37-year-old "handsome and fair", yoga-practising lawyer from West Bengal, looking for a "fair, tall, beautiful and slim bride, who must not be addicted to social media".

The matromonial ad was then shared by an Indian public service officer, who remarked: "Prospective brides/grooms please pay attention. Match making criteria are changing."The post elicited various reactions from Twitteratis, with many remarking that the prospective groom will never find his match.

Others slammed the lawyer as being shallow, for prioritizing looks over characteristics.

Photo source: Twitter, specialevents.com