Putrajaya has sent a special representative to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to voice Malaysia's views over the insults against Prophet Muhammad SAW by a couple of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politicians.

According to Bernama, Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah has also summoned India's High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur to convey Malaysia's protest over the incident.

Saifuddin said that Indian officials had told him that the view of the two politicians, who have since been removed from their positions with the Indian government, does not represent India's stand.

The politicians in question are BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. During a TV debate end of last month, Sharma had made a comment on Prophet Muhammad SAW, sparking global outrage. Jindal, meanwhile, got into hot soup after posting a provocative tweet on the issue.

Aside from voicing out protests, several Muslim countries have also boycotted Indian products.

A group of Malaysian hackers last week launched a series of cyberattacks on about 70 Indian government websites and private portals.

The group, calling itself DragonForce Malaysia, also left messages for "all Muslim hackers, and hackers from around the world" to unite and start a campaign against India, and expose the country's "terrorist and criminal war activity to the world" in all the websites it had hacked.

"You can burn [down] our mosques and our homes and our schools, but our spirit will never die!"

"This is a special operation on the insult of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W." the group posted, reported SAYS.

Source: Bernama, SAYS
Photo source: The Quint