The widow of security guard S. Thava Sagayam, who recently succumbed after an assault by a homestay guest in December last year, has demanded justice over his "unfair" death.

"I could forgive the man who assaulted him should he come to us and apologize, but he didn't. Nobody from his side did. Now my husband is dead," E. Philomena, 59, was quoted telling New Straits Times (NST) yesterday, when met at the family home in Taman Buntong Ria in Ipoh, Perak.

Philomena said it was hard for her to accept Thava Sagayam's passing, since he was a very healthy man.

She recalled how she cried by her husband's side while holding his "freezing cold" hands as he gasped for air before passing away at home, in the wee hours of last Friday.

The grieving woman couldn't even call out for help as she had no credit let on her mobile data plan, and only informed a neighbour a few hours later.

According to her, the deceased has had to undergo eight surgeries in a total, which includes one to remove a part of his right skull due to injuries.

Thava Sagayam, 64, had just been discharged from the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB) two days prior to his death.

"Now that my husband is gone, all I demand is justice. The man (suspected of the assault) is still free and I am here grieving over the passing of my husband. That is unfair. I'm suffering.

"I am still very much traumatised by the incident. Every time I watch the video of him being assaulted (which has gone viral), I can't stop crying. I am so angry," she said.

Thava Sagayam worked as a security guard at a condominium when he was assaulted by a guest on Dev 29, following a squabble regarding the use of swimming pool facilities for children. He died last Friday.

Police have since reclassified the case as murder but the suspect, a former Kelantan Bersatu leader, is still at large.

Netizens and politicians alike have also called for the culprit behind the senior citizen's death to be brought to book.

Source: NST
Photo source: NST, Facebook