The plight of M Indhira Gandhi, who is involved in a long standing tussle for the custody of her youngest child, will hit the silver screen soon.

Arun Dorasamy, who chairs the Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) said the feature film, tentatively titled Prasana, will feature an "A-list" star from India portraying the lead character, and also have Indira appearing in a guest role.

The movie is named after Prasana Diksa, Indira Gandhi's youngest daughter, who was abducted by her father Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, over 10 years ago.

"There are three parts to Indira's story - first, the infidelity by her ex-husband, second, the legal wrangling for the childrens' custody, and third, the police inaction in finding Riduan and recovering Prasana.

"The movie will portray the struggles of a mother, from her point of view, in finding a child who was forcefully taken from her," Arun told Astro Ulagam.

According to him, the movie, which is planned for release on Mothers' Day next year, has a producer, but he did not elaborate further.

Arun added that the movie, which has been mainly shot in Ipoh and Putrajaya, will be made in Malay, then dubbed in Tamil.

He insists the film will not jeopardize ongoing police investigations into the whereabouts of Prasana and Riduan.

"Ingat has written to the IGP on June 10, about the proposal to make a feature film.

"We believe the film will in no way disrupt the ongoing police probe into the case, but in fact, help the police in their investigations," he said, adding that the movie will include Ingat's own findings as to the whereabouts of Prasana and her father.

According to Arun, the film could help make a difference in the ongoing custody battle in two ways.

"Firstly, the public in general will get to watch the mother's suffering in looking for her lost child, and hopefully get them to join the search.

"Secondly, the custody battle has left Indira in a really big financial mess, and hopefully, with this movie, we can get part of the proceeds of the screening to assist her situation," he said.

Riduan, whose name prior to conversion to Islam was K Padmanathan, unilaterally converted his three children with Indira to Islam, in 2009. He took Prasana, who was just 11-months-old then, while the elder children, Tevi Darshiny, and Karan Dinesh, who were then 13 and 12, respectively, were left with their mother.

Following a lengthy legal battle at both the civil and syariah courts, the Federal Court unanimously declared the conversions null and void.

Despite the police forming a special taskforce and Ingat offering an RM10,000 bounty for information that could lead to Riduan's arrest, he is still at large.

Arun has previously claimed the police on several instances ignored Ingat's leads on Riduan's whereabouts. The police have denied this.

Photo source: Astro Awani,