The Selangor state government has agreed to cancel the lease of 39 hectares of land operated by two companies in Tanjung Pasir Ladang Tennamaram, Bestari Jaya.

Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari said the two companies, namely Baisan Suria Sdn Bhd and Trilion Project Sdn Bhd, will be provided another leasehold area in Serendah for farming and livestock-rearing activities.

Bernama quoted Amirudin telling a press conference yesterday that the decision was taken as a result of discussions made in the State Executive Council meeting on Nov 17, following the dispute over the land lease raised by the settlers of Ladang Tennamaran last April.

In raising the dispute, the settlers had asked the state government to intervene in relation to the overlapping land land applications they were working on, with the two companies involved in the lease.

Following the decision, the land will be leased to the Selangor State Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPS) for 21 years, and the corporation will have to whitewash almost 400 settlers who applied.

"As a result of negotiations between PKPS and all groups of interested settlers, they reached an agreement that the settlers agreed to register as lessors through PKPS," Amirudin said, adding that the agreement would also put an end to the issue of illegal settlers on PKPS land covering 322.03 hectares in the same area.

Representatives of settlers who met the menteri besar after the press conference yesterday thanked the state government and PKPS for putting an end to the long-standing problem.

Source: Bernama
Photo source: Harian Metro