An Egyptian man has sought a divorce from his wife of one month, claiming he was deceived by her look without makeup.

"I was deceived by her as she used to apply heavy makeup before marriage. She looks ugly without makeup," the unnamed man told a family court where the lawsuit was filed, reported Gulf News.

According to the man, he got to know the woman through Facebook, where she used to post a lot of photos of her in full makeup. The couple decided to get hitched after several dates.

"But after the wedding I saw her real face without makeup. I was shocked... as she looks nothing like the person I met before marriage," the man said, adding that he had been "deceived" into marrying her, and as such, he wants a divorce.

This is not the first time such a bizarre case has happened. In 2016, a 34-year-old man filed a divorce from his 28-year-old wife, after just six months of marriage, after he saw her sans makeup after a swim during a holiday.

The poor woman, from the United Arab Emirates, reportedly has to seek psychological help to deal with the traume of the divorce.

Source: Gulf News
Photo source: Astro Awani