A single mother of five is currently in need of desperate financial help to pull her out of the predicament her family is in.

Kalaivani, 38, and her five children aged between 9 and 15, are forced to live in fear of being evicted from their home in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, anytime due to months of unpaid rent, on top of spending nights in the dark due to unpaid electricity bills.

The family's plight was highlighted to Astro Ulagam by Puchong-based activist Maneesha, today.

According to Maneesha, Kalaivani has been estranged from her husband for some time, and she could not go to work until two months ago, due to injuries sustained in an accident more than two years ago.

"She started working as a security guard at a private hospital about two months ago, but the RM1,300 she makes a month is not even enough to cover the RM400 monthly house rental, utility bills, and the children's school expenses," said Maneesha.

In addition, Kalaivani is also forced to service the debt her husband had accummulated with various loan sharks prior to abandoning her and their children.

Prior to Maneesha's intervention, Kalaivani had accummulated more than a whopping RM11,000 in house rental alone, and the family was forced to spend nights under the candle light after the electricity supply got cut off due to unpaid bills.

Maneesha, with the help of family and friends, and netizens, managed to settle almost a quarter of the pending house rent, plus part of the utility bills, but there is still much need to be covered.

"The school van expenses for the kids alone comes to RM800 monthly, and the kids cannot fit into their uniforms anymore.

"Fortunately, now school students are allowed to wear normal clothes to school, but once school starts in January next year, they would have to figure out a way to get new uniforms," Maneesha said.

To add salt to injury, Kalaivani's employer has recently begun imposing longer working hours on her, Manessha added. This has led to Kalaivani looking for a new job, but to no avail.

Those who would like to find out more details or help Kalaivani and family can contact Maneesha at 011-26295328 anytime.

Photos source: Maneesha