Single mother M Vikneswari left her two sons under the care of a babysitter, while she went on to find a livelihood.

However, she was left with a shattered heart after seeing her boys, aged six and 11, with extensive injuries all over their bodies after being allegedly abused by the babysitter, to whom she paid RM800 monthly.

"What have my children done to deserve this? They are still children and not slaves!" the 30-year-old was quoted telling New Straits Times (NST).

The harrowing incident happened at Taman Selesa Jaya in Skudai, Johor, recently.

Vikneswari started working as a restaurant assistant after her husband passed away, and only managed to visit the boys about three times since last April, when they were left under the care of the babysitter and her husband.

Nevertheless, Vikneswari constantly kept in touch with the woman, who assured her that the boys were healthy and well taken care of.

The mother's anxiety, however, rose when the couple prevented her from visiting her sons recently, citing various excuses, including them being in self-quarantine due to being close contacts of a COVID-19 patient.

When she was told that one of her sons have been scalded by hot water during quarantine, Vikneswari voiced out her concerns to her employer, who advised her to lodge a police report.

It was only then the babysitter sent the boys back to Vikneswari via a Grab ride, and what she saw horrified her.

"I was shocked to see them with bruises and injuries on every part of their body, except for the genital area. They are in pain and in a weak state, as it have been underfed."

The boys reportedly told their mother that they had been hit with a cane, tied up, had hot water poured on them, and burnt with cigarettes. They are currently being treated at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital for their extensive injuries.

Following the harrowing episode, Vikneswari has vowed to never leave her children under anyone else's care after this.

Iskandar Puteri police chief ACP Dzulkhairi Mukhtar confirmed the incident and said three locals, aged between 24 and 32, have been detained to assist investigations.

Source: NST
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