By V. Shuman

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, most people are doing their own bit to contain the situation - be it via fighting on the frontlines, or staying at home to break the infection chain.

Besides, raising awareness about the deadly disease is also as important, and 9-year-old Vadivelan Jeevah is well aware of the fact.

The Standard 3 pupil of SJK (T) Ladang Highlands in Klang yesterday earned a honorary tweet from the official Ministry of Health's Twitter handle, for his colourful, yet detailed and informative scrapbook on COVID-19.

Astro Ulagam spoke to Vadivelan's father, K Jeevah, who spoke about what triggered his son's interest on the matter.

"At the onset of the outbreak, and when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed, he was curious as to what the issue was and why there were restrictions on movements.

"My wife and I told him what we knew about COVID-19, and that piqued his interest to know more about the virus. He took his iPad and started watching videos and reading up about the matter," recalled Jeevah.

About the same time, the TMP Little Scientists Club, of which Vadivelan is a member of, gave the students an assignment on COVID-19, and this is what got him started on his scrapbook.

Vadivelan drew and coloured all the images, and wrote the texts in the 7-page scrapbook all by himself.

After submitting the said assignment to the science club, Vadivelan's parents thought of paying respect to the frontliners who are putting their lives on the line battling the virus, and decided to send a copy of the book to the Health Ministry, via email.

However, never did they dream that they would receive a reply, let alone a personal mention, Jeeva recalled.

Yesterday, The Health Ministry, via its official Twitter handle KKMPutrajaya, tweeted: "Thank you to Vadivelan Jeevah, 9 years old, from SKJT (T) Ladang Highlands Klang who made this wonderful scrapbook on #COVID19."Jeevah was surprised when he saw the reply post on the ministry's social media handle, and Vadivelan even thought his parents were pulling his leg on the matter, until they showed him the post.

According to Jeevah, Vadivelan has always been interested in drawing and has a folder full of his drawings at home.

Besides getting a mention from the Health Ministry, Vadivelan's achievement has also been highlighted in the TV2 Tamil news.

Speaking to Astro Ulagam, Vadivelan, whose ambition is to become an astronaut, said he was motivated by the recognition.