We may have heard the expression that man bites dog is a bigger news than the common occurrence of dog biting a man.

However, an Indian man has upped the ante by fatally biting a snake that had bitten him.

According to NDTV, the incident happened in Jajpur, a remote town in the state of Odisha, on Wednesday night, when Kishore Badra, 45, was returning home after working in his paddy field.

"Something bit on my leg while I was returning home on foot. I switched on my torch and found it to be a poisonous krait.

"In order to take revenge, I took the snake in my hands and bit it repeatedly, killing the viper on the spot," Badra was quoted saying.

Badra then walked back to his village with the dead snake in hand and related to his wife what had transpired.

He even refused to go to the hospital to seek treatment, going to a traditional healer instead, where he was reportedly cured.

Surprisingly, the snake bite episode did not leave any casualties, expect for the dead snake, said the report.

Source: NDTV
Photo source:Odisha Television LTD, Wikipedia