Retired squash champion Nicol David is set to get her own biopic soon.

Announcing this on Facebook yesterday, the eight-time world champion said she was "thrilled and overwhelmed" about the project, titled "I am Nicol David".

"I always dreamt of one day telling my story, to inspire everyone to work hard for what they want to achieve, and constantly challenge yourself to bigger heights.

"I'm so lucky I have the chance to partner with ACE Pictures, who shares this passion with me, and can't wait to get this rolling," the 37-year-old wrote.

"It will be a long journey and I'm excited to count on your support through it."

In a report in The Edge Markets, the production company, ACE Pictures Entertainment said the film, besides inspiring others, will also bring the audience deep into the untold personal life of the national heroine.

"Hearing Nicol speak about her life story gave us a completely different view into the sacrifices that had to be done in order to achieve her remarkable level of success.

"Her biopic will not be about an underdog's rise to success - she was, and always has been established icon - but about a woman's will and dedication so profound that it becomes life itself, and the complex struggles one has to face when confronted with the reality of having to let go of something so deeply apart of herself," the business daily quoted ACE Picture's president Peter Wong saying in a press statement.

Meanwhile, The Star spoke to the squash queen, who said that a nationwide casting will be conducted to find someone to essay her role.

As for Nicol's coach, Australian Liz Irving, a Hollywood actress will be cast for the role.

The biopic, in English, will not only cater to the local audience, but also key markets in the US and Europe.

Nicol was ranked the first in the world in squash, for a record-breaking 108 months, until September 2015. She retired from the sports in early 2019.

Source: theedgemarkets, The Star, Facebook
Photo source: Nicol David Facebook