Singer Nourul Wahab Depp has urged Malaysians to stop squabbling over the wearing of other races' traditional clothes, which has become a hot topic of late.

"We are after all, Malaysians. There's nothing wrong in wearing Chinese, Malay, or Indian attire. It is in the spirit of muhibbah, especially in the month of Merdeka. We have to realise what is Malaysia.

"I have clothes of all races in my home. As long as one does not walk around naked, that would do," the veteran singer posted on Instagram, as a caption to a photo of her clad in a saree, which she called as one of her favourites.

"I love saree! I'm used to wearing it since I was young, especially when I have Indian blood. There's nothing wrong in remembering one's origins.

Nourul's post comes following a debate surrounding actress Mira Filzah wearing Indian traditional clothing Lehenga, and donning headscarf, complete with nose ring, for a photoshoot for her contact lens product.

An Indian Twitter user took offence of Mira's appearance and dubbed her the "cultural appropriation queen".

The 27-year-old actress then apologised to the offended netizen, saying she was not using the image for self profit, and clarified that she has always loved Bollywood.

Source: Harian Metro, Malay Mail
Photo source: Nourul Instagram, Mira Filzah Instagram