YouTube sensation "Sugu Pavithra" will make a comeback on air today.

M Sugu, 29, told Bernama that the video is expected to be uploaded on YouTube the latest by this afternoon, once discussions with various parties are finalised.

According to the husband of S Pavithra, 28, it was him who had recently deleted all 98 videos on their channel, due to several personal factors.

The couple made the headlines last week following a domestic dispute, over which Sugu has been charged in court.

Sugu, a former estate worker, also told Bernama that he and his wife do not mind losing their substantial income from YouTube, following the deletion of their videos, as he still has "hands and feet to look for a job."

"Even before this (becoming a YouTuber), I earned money by working," he said, while expressing gratitude to almost 800,000 followers of the Sugu Pavithra channel.

Pavithra, who was recently recognised as this year's Ipoh City Icon, has since said that she and her husband have decided to not accept anymore awards, moving forward.

There are a lot of other people in various fields who are more deserving of such awards, she had said.

The couple became renowned for videos of them cooking traditional Indian dishes, which are narrated in fluent Bahasa Melayu by Pavithra.

Their channel, which has since been awarded the "Silver Play Button" for surpassing the 100,000 subscribers milestone, was well received by all races and even caught the attention of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Source: Bernama
Photo source: Astro Awani