It is a well known fact that Malaysia's traffic conditions can get horrendous at times, especially in the Klang Valley during peak hours.

Not surprisingly, and rather shamefully, our country has ranked as one of the top 20 most stressful countries to drive a car in, in a recent survey conducted by, a UK-based insurance and financial services comparison platform.

According to the list, which surveyed 48 countries, Malaysia is in the eight place, with 72 points out of 100, in stressful driving score.

The score was reached at based on several criteria, including the number of speed cameras on the road, the number of cars on the road, fatal accidents per 100,000 population, and the quality of road infrastructure.

The United Arab Emirates topped the list, followed by Bulgaria and Turkey in the second and third placing, while Malaysia ranked above countries like Brazil (9th), the Philippines (13th), and Singapore (17th). India ranked 23rd with a score of 56, while our neighbour Thailand placed 27th with 52 points.

Such results may not come as a surprise for most of us who spend hours daily stuck in the commute to and fro work on a daily basis.

We have to cope with multiple attitudes on the road daily, including people who don't signal when switching lanes, tailgaters, queue jumpers, those who double park, and motorists who slow down or brake for no apparent reason, among others.

Given such conditions, it is understandable for one to lose their patience, but calm heads should prevail at the end of the day, for the sake of our own sake, and our loved ones.

Photo source: Shutterstock