The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown and border closures have separated many families, months at a time.

When those separated reunite, tears of joy are sure to flow, and happiness, fill the air.

A video depicting one such reunion is currently going viral on social media.

The video, posted by one Kamini Thanabalan Nair on the Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers Facebook page, has garned close to 5,000 likes and over 1,600 shares since it was shared yesterday morning.

Astro Ulagam spoke to Kamini to find out the story behind the moving video.

According to her, her husband Thanabalan Nair, 36, had been working as a shift supervisor in West Pharmaceutical in Singapore for the past 12 years.

He went back to Singapore for work on May 22 this year, and had been stranded there since - for seven long months, after Malaysia and Singapore first shut down, then severely limited cross-border travel to stem the spread of COVID-19.

"When he went for work in May, he said that he will try to return home somewhere in September, but we did not expect the outbreak and the lockdown to drag on this long," she said.

For a man who used to commute daily between the two countries, the separation was painful, compounded by the fact that his current staying place in Singapore had no "home cooked" food that he was so used to.

Even more painful was staying away from his three beloved daughters, aged between 13 and 5.

His plans to return home a few months ago were hampered by cost and quarantine concerns. However, his concerns were alleviated when his employer offered to foot half the testing and quarantine bill, considering his long separation from his family.

So when Thanabalan's eldest daughter Ahrnisyha turned 13 on Dec 22, he decided to spring a suprise appearance.

He and Kamini planned the surprise unbeknownst to anyone in the family, including the girls and even Thanabalan's parents.

The surprise element is evident in the video, when the girls break out in tears and run to hug Thanabalan when he seemingly appears out of of nowhere during the birthday party.

Thanabalan's own parents are not spared from tears, as they are seen hugging their beloved son and shedding tears of joy.

Watch the touching video here.

Let's hope that this pandemic will soon cease and separated families will be reunited.

Photos source: Kamini Thanabalan Nair