A teenage girl tried to jump off a flyover in Bentong, Pahang, after her father reprimanded her for spending too much time on her mobile phone and seized the device.

According to the New Straits Times (NST), the 16-year-old was saved in the nick of time by a policeman who was at the scene at KM46 of the KL-Karak Highway near Bukit Tinggi, about 2pm yesterday.

The girl was spotted standing at the edge of the flyover by several bystanders who called the police. A team of police from the Bukit Tinggi police station, and firemen were immediately dispatched to the scene.

As the girl seem unconvinced by the cop's persuasions, Bukit Tinggi police station chief Sergeant Major Maznan Omar leapt into action and pulled the girl away from the edge of the flyover the slight moment she was distracted. Several other people, including plainclothed cops who were on the standby, also jumped in to pull the distraught teenager to safety.

The cause of the teenager's tantrum was later found to be the scolding she got from her father for spending too much time playing games on her phone, and him seizing the device.

Bentong police chief Superintendent Zaiham Mohd Kahar told the daily that the teenager was also in the midst of being treated for depression, and was later taken to the hospital after being saved from her ordeal.

He further urged parents to closely watch their children's activities.

Lucky indeed that the teenager's brazen act was noticed and stopped at the right time.

Perhaps this is a lesson for all parents to give their children freedom, with limits and conditions, and to ensure they do not cross the barriers put in place.

Source: NST
Photo source: Pexels