Indian police have arrested a teenager who allegedly decapitated his pregnant older sister and later posed for a selfie with her severed head, in the name of "honour killing" in Maharashtra, India.

The gruesome incident happened on Sunday when the victim, Kirti Thore, 19, who was two months pregnant, had her mother Shobha Mote, 39, and her brother, Sanjay Mote, 17, at her home for tea.

Back in June, Kirti had incurred the duo's wrath after eloping and marrying her college sweetheart Avinash Thore.

However, she assumed that the fracture had been mended when the duo asked if they could come to her place for tea last Sunday.

After welcoming them, Kirti was busy preparing tea in the kitchen when Sanjay sneaked up behind her with a sickle.

Shobha reportedly held her daughter's legs to minimize resistance while her son beheaded Kirti.

As if the despicable act was not heartless enough, the duo then reportedly posed for selfies with Kirti's severed head, and even showed it to her neighbours, police said.

Kirti's husband, who was unwell, rushed to the kitchen upon hearing the ruckus, but was chased away by Sanjay with the murder weapon in hand.

The mother and son pair then surrendered to the police and are now under custody.

They have reportedly deleted the selfies with Kirti's head from the phone, but police are now conducting forensic analysis to retrieve the pictures, deemed to be crucial evidence.

According to the police, the teenager was "inspired" to perform the killing from a Marathi movie, which had a similar storyline.

In India, hundreds of women are killed in similar fashion, in the name of "honour killing".

Last March, a father decapitated his 17-year-old daughter after he disapproved of the girl's relationship with her boyfriend, and carried her head through the streets, before turning himself in to the police.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo source: Daily Mail,