It is common belief that a person of advanced age is less likely to survive a COVID-19 onslaught.

But this couple in Kerala, and a handful of other nonagenarians in India has proved that misconception wrong.

Times of India reported of Thomas Abraham, 93, and Mariamma, 89, who contracted the disease from their son who had returned from Italy in March.

The couple, both of whom have existing hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac problems, ended up in the hospital for 25 days - most of it in the intensive care unit (ICU).

They were also placed in separate rooms and Thomas' condition deteriorated in the initial days, and Thomas even suffered a cardiac arrest.

Having been married for 73 years, without being separated from each other for "even one second", the doctors decided to place the couple in the same ward (transplant ICU), and this worked miracles.

Both of them pulled through the predicament and are back to normal now.

If there's one thing surviving COVID-19 taught them - its never too late to learn to savour life better.

Thomas and Mariamma are not the only senior citizens to survive the deadly virus in India.

Sripoti Naiban, 99, was born in 1921, three years after the Spanish flu outbreak. He lost his parents when he was just seven, to Cholera, and now, he is Bengal's oldest COVID-19 survivor.

In Kolkata, Govinda Haldar (95) and Lal Mohan Sett (94) also survived the deadly disease.

All three men had one thing in common - they all required only oxygen support for a few days, to recover - thanks to the disclipined lives they led.

Source: Times of India
Photo source: Times of India