While the world is celebrating the Festival of Lights, India is racing against time to rescue a two-year-old Surjith Wilson from the darkness of a borewell he slipped into while playing last Friday (Oct 25).

The incident took place in Nadukattupatti, Tiruchirappalli and the rescue team has brought in a rig machine to dig out the toddler. At first, the toddler got stuck at 30 feet in the abandoned borewell but slid down further to 100 feet by Sunday.

There’s been no update on Surjith's health condition. The team's facing difficulties to assess the toddler's condition because of the wet mud around him, due to rainy weather.

The last we heard from the team, the toddler was alive even after 48 hours of no water and food. However, though his cries were heard for a long time he has gone silent eventually.

Initial efforts to pull the toddler out of the well failed and a hole is now being dug near the borewell to rescue Surjith. Firefighters are on stand-by to get the child out of the borewell.

In order to keep Surjith alive, the rescue team has been providing oxygen supply and have made an air lock to prevent the toddler from falling further into the borewell.

This heart-rending incident has triggered an emotional outbreak among Tamil Nadu people. Special prayers and religious meets are being held at different religious places for his safety.

Politicians, celebrities and the public are all praying for this child to be safe. Hashtag #PrayforSurjeeth has been trending since yesterday with netizens questioning the delay in rescuing the toddler. Here are a few tweets:

Let's pray for the safe return of Surjith. #PrayforSurjeeth

Source: India Today & Hindustan Times
Photo Credit: BBC & Twitter