We have heard of rehabilitation as a way to treat drug addiction, but a mother in India has taken the "law" in her own hands, quite literally, to try and wean her teenaged son off ganja.

The woman, identified as daily wage earner Ramanamma from the Telangana district, got so angry that she tied her 15-year-old son to a pole before rubbing chilli powder on his eyes, and refused to untie him until he promised to mend his ways.

According to reports, the son used to attend school before the pandemic, but later dropped out and got addicted to marijuana, to the extent that he once went missing from home for 10 days, and would often have to be carried back by neighbours who found him lying on the road while high on drugs.

The boy also reportedly refused to quit the habit despite repeated warnings.

The video of the "punishment" is currently going viral on social media. It shows the crying teenager pleading for his mother to not mete out the punishment, before the infuriated woman proceeds to rub the powder on his eyes, while another woman holds the struggling teenager's hands.
Police are reportedly investigating the woman over the harsh action.

The video has divided opinions among netizens, with some remarking that it may put teens off addiction, while others saying that the boy needs counselling, or rehabilitation instead.

What do you think? Was the mother right in "teaching" her son a lesson the hard way, or should she have taken a milder approach such as turning him in to the authorities

Source: Live Mint
Photo & Video source: Twitter