A 25-year-old man named Puwaneswaran Paramasivam was killed in a fatal firecracker incident during Deepavali celebrations.

This year, Festival of Lights turned dark for his family, when the youth from Kulai, Johor lighted a firecracker and accidentally fell on it causing a loud explosion.

A source close to him said that he was severely injured all over the body and face.

"He was immediately rushed to the Kulai Hospital for treatment and then transferred to Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru,” the source told The Star.

However, a few hours after the incident, Puwaneswaran died and the family was 'devastated'. It was supposed to be a festive occassion.

According to the source, Puwaneswaran worked in Singapore and was a jovial person.

His friends have been sharing their condolence messages on social media. Here are a few pictures of his funeral procession shared by his friend on Facebook:

May his soul rest in peace.

IMPORTANT: Please practice caution when playing with firecrackers. Young children and teens should always be accompanied by adults when lighting up firecrackers. Kindly be informed that not all firecrackers are legal in Malaysia. Have a safe Deepavali!

Source: The Star
Photo Credit: Facebook