When couples take wedding vows, they are often made to pledge that they will stick together, in sickness and in (good) health.

Unfortunately, many couples only stay with each other in good health, but abandon their spouse when one of them fall ill.

A retired engineer from Madhya Pradesh, India, is going viral on social media, for converting a space in his house to resemble a ICU (Intensive Care Unit) room, for his severely asthmatic wife.

According to a report in Navbharat Times, the converted room is equipped with everything from oxygen cylinders to ventilators, to accommodate the needs of Kumudani Srivastava, who has in the past four years, been admitted to the hospital many times for asthma attacks.

A lack of any form of medical training did not deter Gyan Prakash from mirroring an ICU room in his house, so that he can take care of her at home. In fact, his car has also been converted into an ambulance, said the report.

The couple's two children live in the USA, and they make daily video calls to keep in touch with their parents.

Besides attending to his wife around the clock, and playing doctor without any training, Gyan Prakash also does the cooking and cleaning around the house, and constantly churns out tweets on traffic safety and accident prevention, which is his expertise.

Aww, it is so heart warming indeed, what true love can do.

Gyan Prakash's recent tweet on his care for his wife has gone viral, with netizens unanimously wishing for good health for his wife.
Source: Navbharat Times
Photo source: Gyan Prakash Twitter