A computer glitch saw two schoolboys at a village in Bihar, India, become instant "billionaires", albeit not in real life.

According to the Financial Express, the incident happened recently as the boys were expecting some payment from the government to buy school uniforms.

When they checked their back accounts, they were in for the shock of their lives, as the ATM screen showed they had a balance of over Rs 960 crores (RM8.9 billion) combined.

The news spread like wildfire and led the villagers scrambling to the automated teller machines to check whether they too, had received such windfall.

However, the joy was shortlived as the bank branch manager soon clarified that the incident happened due to a glitch in the computerised system, and that while the amount was reflected in the account statements of the two boys, the cash was not actually there.

The bank is currently investigating the matter.

It is worth noting that this is the second such incident involving the same bank the past week. Earlier, Rs 5.5 lakh (RM31,236) was wrongly deposited into the account of a man, who refused to return the money. The man claimed that he had spent it all, thinking it was the first instalment of a cash initiative promised by the government. He was later arrested after the bank lodged a report against him.

Source: Financial Express
Photo source: Financial Express