The MySejahtera app has been updated with new features to enable users to report their COVID-19 self test results.

It also allows users to locate the nearest health centre and speed dial emergency services.

According to The Star, users can now view three new tabs on the application's homepage -namely COVID-19 Self Test, Emergency, and Health Facilities.

When the user clicks on the first tab, they will be able to view the three types of COVID-19 self-testing kits available for purchase, whose price range from RM29 to RM39.90 each. The tab is linked to a pharma e-commerce platform, where the user can view more details about the product of their choice, and make payment for purchase.

The Emergency tab, meanwhile, leads the user to speed-dial 999 when clicked, while the third Health Facilities tab enables the viewer to view their nearest health screening facility. For this feature, however, the user needs to have his or her location function switched on on their phone.

For the latest features to take place, a user has to close it after updating and then reopen it.

Source: The Star
Photo source: The Sun Daily