US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19.

The president announced this in a tweet earlier today, saying he and the First Lady will begin the quarantine process immediately.This comes after Hope Hicks, a top adviser and trusted aide for Trump, trusted positive for the coronavirus.

At 74, Trump falls under the highest risk category for serious complications from the disease, which has infected more than 34.4 million people and killed more than a million, worldwide. In America alone, the disease has infected more than 7.4 million people and killed over 212,000.

With the US elections looming on November 3, Trump has travelled extensively across the country, where he has held rallies holding thousands of people, despite warnings from public health professionals against hosting events with large crowds.

In the initial days of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump has largely blamed China for causing the pandemic, and abstained from wearing face masks and practising social distancing.

He had also mocked his rival Joe Biden, for frequently wearing a mask, at Tuesday evening's presidential debate.

Source: Twitter, CNN
Photo source: Reuters via