The family of University Utara Malaysia (UUM) student Vinosiny Sivakumar is suing the university for alleged negligence leading to her death.

According to the family's lawyer M Manoharan, the family would claim damages from the university as there is "clear evidence of negligence" in the 20-year-old accounting student's death.

"We will definitely sue the university and will wait for the post-mortem report. Whatever it is, Vinosiny died at a very young age.

"We do not want the same incident to happen to others," Malaysiakini quoted Manoharan saying during the meeting between the deceased's family and the UUM management in Klang recently.

Vinosiny's father Sivakumar Rajoo also vowed that he will fight for justice.

"I will do what I need to do. I will fight for my daughter, for her soul and the future of the children," the portal quoted him saying, adding that he would give a police statement in Kedah, and hold a simple prayer ceremony in the hostel room, where his daughter was found dead.

According to him further, UUM was Vinosiny's first choice when applying for higher education, and she was very excited when she got accepted into the accounting course in the university.

"But now her dream will never come true," the distraught father lamented.

Earlier, UUM vice-chancellor Haim Hilman Abdullah, as well other management officers of the university and the hostel's principal, met Vinosiny's family and offered their condolences and apology over the tragedy.

Haim assured that the university will not hinder Sivakumar's decision, and pledged to give utmost cooperation to the family.

Vinosiny, who was a Semester 4 student of Bachelor Degree in Accounting (Information System), was found dead in her dorm room at UUM's campus in Sintok, Kedah, on May 21.

Her family claimed that she died of alleged electrocution, as there were purported burn marks on her face and fingers, while the university management has said that it would wait for the official post-mortem report to be released before making a conclusion.

The police had revealed that initial investigations had showed that Vinosiny had suffered a seizure, but said that they will await the autopsy report to ascertain the actual cause of death. Meanwhile, the case has been classified as SDR (sudden death report).

Sivakumar has since lodged a police report against the university over purported negligence.

Source & Photo source: Malaysiakini