Domestic violence is never cool. And to have it start at the wedding dais itself is unforgivable.

A video of a groom violently hitting his bride on the head after losing to her in a game during their wedding is going viral on social media after being posted on Twitter, on Monday.

In the video, the couple are seen standing on the stage, flanked by the best man and maid of honour. Following a game, the emcee announces the bride as the winner, after which the woman is seen raising her hand in victory as the crowd cheers for her.

This seemingly agitates the loser of a groom, who deals a hard blow to the back of his newly wedded wife's head.
After committing the horrific act, the groom stares defiantly into the crowd, while the best man is seen grinning by his side. The shocked bride was then quietly led off the stage by her friends, but it is unclear what happened after that.

The clip, unsurprisingly, riled up netizens, who questioned why everyone (in the video) was behaving as if nothing had happened.

Others lamented that domestic violence was viewed as a sad, but normal occurrence in Uzbekistan, and other neighbouring Central Asia countries.

This is not the first time Uzbekistani men become notorious as wife beaters. In 2019, another video taken at another wedding in the country showed the groom slapping his wife after she teased him with a piece of cake.
According to 2020 statistics, over 7,600 women and girls in Uzbekistan experienced violence inside their own families - 5,920 of which involved the victims' own husbands.

Photo source: Twitter video screenshot
Video source: Twitter