The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is looking for non-Bumiputera to join the force as constables.

Bukit Aman Management Department director Ramli Din told a press conference earlier today that the recruitment will be conducted via a special intake session for Grade YA1 (constables) for Non-Bumiputera men and women, beginning March 18 until March 31.

"The application can be found in PDRM's epengambilan website, and interviews will also be carried in big towns nationwide.

"Priority will be given to eligible candidates who are fluent in their native language, such as Chinese, Tamil, and so on," said the senior cop.

According to Ramli further, the paper entry qualification for this special intake session has also been loosened, compared to previous intakes.

For instance, previous applicants for the position had to have two credits in their SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) examinations, including for Bahasa Melayu, and another subject, as well as four more passes in other subjects.

"In this special intake, applicants will credit in any one subject can be considered, and those without a credit in BM can also enter, should they be chosen," said Ramli.

However, such a candidate has to sit for his or her SPM-level BM paper within six years of their appointment, and secure a credit in the subject.

"If they take the retest and still can't get a credit in BM, then their service will be terminated."

As for the reason for the special intake session, Ramli pointed out that it was not due to the lack of reception from the non-Bumiputera for positions in the police force, but because the majority of applicants so far had fallen short of the minimum requirements, such as not having a credit in BM.

Will Help Deal Better With Racial-Centric Issues

To a question from a reporter, Ramli said the recruitment of non-Bumiputera into the police force will also help diversify the make up of the force, in line with the multiracial composition of the country.

Having personnel from various mixed races can also help the force to better deal with issues pertaining to racial-centric issues, due to the language advantage, he noted.

According to him, some 78 percent current members of the force are Bumiputera, including those from Sabah and Sarawak. This is followed by other races with slightly over 16 percent. Indians and Chinese in the force are at 2.9 percent and 1.66 percent, respectively.

There is no quota fixed for the special intake yet, but Ramli encouraged as many aspiring cops to apply.

As for remuneration, Ramli said a constable's basic pay is RM1,441, while miscellanous allowances can go up to RM965. Personnel who get transferred to other departments also get additional allowances according to their job scope, he noted.

A candidate who applies will be notified on the spot if he or she fails to make the cut, while those who fulfil the criteria will have to go through an interview, before being subjected to medical examination, and security vetting.

"They are expected to hear from us by the end of June, or early July, pertaining to the intake."

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Photo source: Rojakdaily