Today marks the fourth death anniversary of bully victim T Nhaveen.

The years may have passed but the grief of losing the young man who had his life snuffed out so prematurely, has not lessened for those related to, and knew him. The fact that there are still loose ends left untied, does not help the situation either.

In a statement today, Nhaveen's mother Shanti Dorairaj reiterated calls for June 15 to be gazetted as National Anti-Bullying Day, to prevent, reduce, and eventually eliminate bullying cases in the country.

She described losing Nhaveen as "surreal", like something only seen in the movies, and rued that all that lingers are the sweet memories of him growing up.

"June 15 as National Anti-Bullying Day (will be) a small step in building hope, and making a firm stand against cowards who choose to hide in the shadows of deceit and lies.

"June 15 (will) ensure that each and every individual understands and is emphatically aware of this dreaded disease called bullying," she wrote.

"We will not go silently into the dark. Our voices and actions will resonate loud and clear, justice will be served no matter who. The change will happen."

In the same statement, the Nhaveen Action Investigation League (NAIL) chairperson Arun Dorasamy reiterated Shanti's call.

Last week, Shanti, as well NAIL had also called to meet the prosecutor of Nhaveen's case by June 22, failing which they will launch a hunger strike.

Arun told an online press conference that the request is merely to establish direct communication with the deputy public prosecutor and the Penang Attorney-General's Office ahead of the next trial date, and stressed it was not an attempt to interfere with the court case, nor to intimidate the deputy public prosecutor.

The call was made after their previous requests for a meeting went unentertained.

Nhaveen, 18, was harassed and attacked by several teenagers, including a former schoolmate, while he was on his way home in George Town, Penang, with his friend T Previin, on the night of June 9, 2017.

Nhaveen was abducted, while Previin managed to escape and went to former's home to seek help. The youngster was found the next morning, badly beaten, and sodomised. He passed away on June 15, 2017, while being treated at the hospital.

Four suspects, namely J Ragesuthan (18), S Gokulan (18), and two juveniles aged 17 and 16, were charged with murdering Nhaveen at the George Town magistrate's court on June 19, 2017.

The trial of the case began at the Penang High Court on May 5 this year, and is set to continue on June 29, 30, and August 5 and 6.

The family, as well as Previin, had alleged that more individuals were involved in the crime, besides the four arrested.

Photos source: Arun Dorasamy & NST