Baldness may be a source of worry for many men out there, but is certainly not a crime.

However, a 29-year-old man from Mumbai, India, is being probed by the police after his wife of two months lodged a report against him for hiding the fact that he was bald, from her.

"The main accused got married to the complainant, a chartered accountant, in September this year. The woman later discovered that he was bald and had been (covering up his baldness by) wearing a wig," Hindustan Times quoted Naya Nagar police station senior inspector Kailash Barve as saying.

She had told the police that she would not have agreed to the marriage if she had known about the man's baldness.

According to the report further, the 27-year-old victim confronted her in-laws after finding out her husband's condition, only for her to be allegedly harassed for more dowry in return.

The woman also alleged that her husband became suspicious of her and checked her phone's call records and chats. The man also allegedly performed unnatural sexual acts on the victim.

Following the police report, the man and his parents are being investigated for several offences, including enticing or taking away, or detaining with criminal intent of a married woman, unnatural sex, defamation, and breach of trust, among others.

What do you think?

Was the woman right in lodging a report against her husband in the matter?

Source: Hindustan Times,
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