How many of us can lift something weighing 47 kg, let alone with our fingers?

A female soldier has earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Records by lifting a 47.5kg barbell using just her little fingers.

E Sasheladevi achieved the feat last Sunday at the Seberang Perai Municipal Council.

The 28-year-old carried the barbell and held it for five seconds to seal her place in the record book.

This is not the first time Sasheladevi has created a remarkable record.

Last year, she pulled a Toyota Alphard with a man seated in it, with just an index finger, for a distance of 70.2 metres.

She later told the press that she had exceeded her expected distance of 51 metres, in that stunt in George Town, Penang.

In 2008, she first entered the Malaysia Book of Records for lifting a 41kg barbell with two fingers.

The weight lifter, who has been partaking in competitions and events since she was 14, hopes to make it into the Guiness World Records one day.

Great work, Sasheladevi! She has proven that women are in no way, inferior to men, when it comes to physical strength.

May she go on to win more awards and recognition in the future.

Source: Makkal Osai, The Star
Photo source: Makkal Osai, Tamil Malar, Harian Metro.