"Kindness, it costs nothing, but means everything," goes a quote on the internet.

This sums up the noble act of a Gombak woman, who returned the wallet she found at a petrol station, back to its owner, with RM3,000 and other valuables, still intact!

The heartwarming incident happened after Thanaraj Muthusamy lost his wallet after refueling his vehicle at a petrol station in Batu Caves on Oct 3, reported Malay Mail.

He, along with his fiancée, later tried finding the wallet, which among others, contained RM3,000 cash, and the only photo of Thanaraj's late grandmother, but to no avail.

A few weeks later, however, Thanaraj received a parcel, which contained his wallet, and everything in it still intact, from a woman named Salina Sadik, from Gombak.

In a note accompanying the parcel, Salina said that she found the wallet at a Petronas outlet in Batu Caves and asked Thanaraj to call her back to confirm if he had received the parcel.

In fact, Salina had even used her own money to send the parcel to Thanaraj, without touching the contents of the wallet.

Deeply impressed by the strangers move, Thanaraj and his fiancée immediately paid Salina a visit at Taman Sri Gombak, and even gifted her a hamper and an invitation to their wedding next month.

"I can't believe that I got my wallet back from this honest and kind Malaysian.

"It just feels surreal but I'm glad to know that there are kind Malaysians everywhere," he told the portal.

Thanaraj's Facebook post on the heartwarming incident has gone viral with more than 4,300 likes, and over 2,200 shares.

Netizens unanimously praised Salina for her kind gesture and honesty, and rightly so.

It is indeed a rarity to find a kind soul like Salina. May God bless her.

Source: Malay Mail, Facebook
Photo source: Facebook