This could be the world's sweetest job, quite literally.

Candy Funhouse, a Canadian candy company is hiring a work-from-home 'Chief Candy Officer' that pays US$78,000 (RM347,646) a year.

Yes, that averages a cool RM28,950 a month, and the duties include "leading candy board meetings, being the head taste tester... and all things fun," goes the job advertisement posted on LinkedIn last month, reported CNN.

Not surprisingly, several thousand candidates have applied for the sweet gig so far.

Candy Funhouse, based outside Toronto, is run by a quartet of siblings in their 20s and 30s, whose parents owned donut shops and a local restaurant.

According to its CEO Jamal Hejazi, the Chief Candy Officer position is open to applicants as young as five years old, although parental permission is required. Many parents have filmed their children filling out the application and posted it online.

Candy Funhouse was founded in 2018 and hopes to differentiate itself from other highly successful brick-and-mortar establishments such as Mars, Hershey and Amazon, with its own brand of products ranging from chocolate bars to gummies to licorice.

There is no minimum order if you purchase their products online, as Hejazi put it: "We will sell one lollipop."

Last year, the company recorded a cool US$15 million (RM66.85 million) in sales.

It has 340,000 followers on Instagram and a whopping three million on TikTok.

A sweet deal indeed. May the best candidate seal the offer.

Source: CNN
Photo source: Daily Hive