Students from two Tamil schools in Selangor have bagged 3 gold medals, and 1 silver, for their inventions in an international science exbition held recently.

The pupils - aged between 8 and 12, from SJKT Taman Melawati and SJKT Serdang, were participants of the International Young Scientists Innovation Exhibition (IYSIE), held at the Mandaran Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, on July 9 and 10.

Some 650 participants from 10 countries joined the exhibition.

According to R Shanmuganathan, who trained the children, the winners comprised three teams from SJKT Serdang, and one from SJKT Melawati. The latter school won one of the golds in their first ever competition.

Shanmuganathan has been conducting Young Scientist Classes for the past 9 years to cultivate an interest in science among kids.

The first gold medal went towards the childrens' invention of a "digital bottle."

"It is actually a cover, which can be attached to any bottle, and will vibrate every half an hour, to remind its carrier, especially school children, to drink water.

"The vibration will only stop when the carrier drinks from the bottle and screws the cap back on," Shanmuganathan told Astro Ulagam.

The second invention, called "My soil, my plant" matches plants with the type of soil it is best cultivated on.

"Sometimes, we find plants not growing in some types of soil. The students invented a device, which is linked to an application they also created. Once you stick the device on a soil, it will list down in the app, the type of plants that can be cultivated on the soil."

As for the third invention, it is called a "portable door", and is actually a mobile alarm device, which can be attached to any door by a user. The device will go off when the door is forcefully opened, just like a conventional alarm.

The silver-medal winning invention was a device that monitors the decreasing water level in a fish tank, and helps automotically replenish the supply, without having the user manually do it.

The students received certificates and medals for their achievements.

Their next target is to win medals in a science exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, in October, said Shanmuganathan.

Let's wish all the best for these young scientists to win more applauds and medals for the country!

Photo source: Shanmuganathan