A team of "young scientists" from SJK Tamil Taman Melawati has bagged a gold medal in yet another international competition with their "My soil, my plant" invention.

Even more impressive is the fact that the students swept the top prize in the International Innovation Competition In Canada via remote participation, when the country is undergoing the movement control order (MCO) to contain the spread of COVID-19 outbreak.

According to R Shanmuganathan, who trained the students via the Young Scientist Classes, the students - Yuvika Mahaganapathy, 10, Kailesh Saravana, 11, and Kavisha Nagarajan, 11, emerged champions in a specific category in the competition which took place on June 30, 2020 - beating competitors from more than 20 countries.

"By winning this category, they qualify for another special award, which needs another round of screening.

"Their effort in participating in the competition and winning it during the MCO is laudable," he told Astro Ulagam.

The "My soil, my plant" is an invention which matches plants with the type of soil it is best cultivated on. It is a device, which is linked to a mobile application they also created. Once the device is stuck into the soil, it will list down in the app, the type of plants that can be cultivated on the soil.

The invention has been patented following its highly successful run.

This is the SJKT Taman Melawati's fifth gold medal since last year. They had won four golds and two silvers in tournaments last year - in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of their school.