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Astro Ulagam Deepavali TVC

Astro Ulagam Deepavali TVC

Life's most precious moments deserve to be celebrated and cherished.

When life moves at a rapid pace, our memories can fade like sunsets.

As the festival of Deepavali draws near, witness the heartfelt journey of a loving son who becomes his mother's guardian, carrying their precious memories through the shadows of Alzheimer's. Let this heartwarming story be a reminder of what truly matters during this joyful festival. #SemmeDeepavali #astroulagam
Mon Nov 06 2023
Siricha Pochi | Vicky Rao & His Dad | Father's Day

Siricha Pochi | Vicky Rao & His Dad | Father's Day

Siricha Pochi
Vicky Rao vs. Mr. Chandarrh Roo: The Ultimate Don't Laugh Challenge!

In this hilarious father-son showdown, we're testing our poker faces to the limit! Who will crack under pressure?

But beyond the laughter, we celebrate the bond of this incredible duo. Watch the clip as they share heartfelt stories about each other that melt your heart.

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there!
Sat Jun 17 2023