Suchitra is a singer and radio jockey who became embroiled in the #SuchiLeaks controversy a few years ago.
In order to revive her career, she became the second wildcard contestant of Bigg Boss S4. The singer was evicted after a few weeks and re-entered the show to support the finalists in the final week.

During Bigg Boss S4 finale, Kamal introduced his new clothing brand called 'KH House of Khaddar'. Throughout the show, he was promoting his handloom Khadi suits.

After launching his brand, Kamal distributed the clothes by the company to all the Bigg Boss contestants and requested them to change their outfits. His move received applause from many as traditional handloomers will be given an opportunity to earn money during the pandemic.

However, Suchitra has called out Kamal Haasan for allegedly giving a synthetic shirt to her. She called Kamal a puppet master and wrote a poem about him and the show. Here's what she shared:

She has now deleted the post but the screenshot of the poem and caption have been making rounds on social media.

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: The Indian Express & India Today