Priyamani is a talented actress who has given us many memorable performances since the beginning of her career. Now, she has taken on an important role in the hit Hindi web series 'The Family Man'.

She played the role of Suchitra, the wife of an undercover agent, in both seasons of the show. In her recent interview, the actress opend up if she will make a comeback to Tamil industry.

"I'm actually doing a Tamil film now, but due to the pandemic it's on hold. But I would do more Tamil films if I get good offers," Priyamani explained.

When asked about acting with Thalapathy Vijay, Priyamani immediately said yes.

"Of course, I would act with Vijay if I get the opportunity. I saw his film posters yesterday. He is a beast. He is THE beast. He looks good in every poster," she said.

Source: Galatta
Photo Credit: Tamil Now & Mirchi 9