RAAGA fans can participate in ‘RAAGAvil Kandupudi Kandupudi!’, an on-air contest from 15 to 26 March 2021, and stand a chance to win a share of RM6,000 in cash.

Listeners need to tune in to RAAGA on-air or via the SYOK app and call 03-95430993 upon hearing the cue-to-call.

The first successful caller through will have a chance to participate in the contest, where a song's lyrics will be played in reverse, and the participants will have to sing the lyrics correctly in 10 seconds.

The participant who gets the answer correct will take home RM150 in cash. If the participant does not get it right, the prize amount will snowball into the next round.

‘RAAGAvil Kandupudi Kandupudi!’ is sponsored by Kytee Herbals.

Visit the RAAGA website for more information.