Nassar is a legendary actor who's known for his talent and versatility. The actor has been in the South Indian film industry for decades. he is married to Kameela, who's a producer-turned-politician, and they have three sons.

In 2014, Nassar's eldest son Faizal was involved in a car accident near Mahabalipuram and suffered serious injuries. Despite recovering from the incident, Faizal lost his memory and hasn't regained them till today.

But surprisingly, Faizal remembers Thalapathy Vijay as he was the biggest fan of the star even before the tragic incident. Talking about Vijay in an interview, Nassar admitted that until today Faizal gets excited hearing Vijay's songs.

When Vijay got to know about this, he was touched by the incident and visits Faizal on his birthday. Check out Nassar's full interview here:

Source: Manobala's Waste Paper
Photo Credit: India Today, Behindwoods & Chennai Memes