Nivetha Pethuraj is a rising starlet in Tamil and Telugu film industries. Despite her busy shooting schedule, the actress recently completed Level 1 of the Formula Race Car Training programme.

Talking about her interest towards sports cars, Nivetha admitted that it began when she was studying in 8th standard.

"When an aunt in my neighborhood purchased a sports car, it inspired me with a strong curiosity towards sports cars, and it kept brewing in me for years. In 2015, I purchased a “Dodge Challenger” sports car, and I was the second girl in United Arab Emirates to get it," she added.

The actress has worked in several Dubai Motor shows like F1, and with brands like Lexus, Rolls Royce, and Chevrolet.

"When I came down to Chennai, I had visited few motor tracks, but never imagined that one day I would be there steering my way. My heavy rush for cars got rebooted when BMW approached me to test drive the car for a week, which made me revisit my passion. When me and my brother Nishanth visited Momentum – School of Advance Racing in Coimbatore, I was scared if I could make it through. I had to enroll three months earlier for the program, and each session would have only eight people, and I was the only girl amidst them!" she exclaimed.

While there are no F1 and F2 championships for women, Nivetha hopes it becomes a reality soon. She has been approached by many championships but it needs a lot of money and practice.

"Besides, it’s easy for me to get sponsors as I have become a familiar face in the industry. It’s a costly sport as every race will cost around Rs.15 Lakh. So, I will be getting on with it only if I am interested. For now, my interest and desire are all about completing different levels," Nivetha revealed.

Check out the actress' Instagram posts on her new milestone:

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Photo Credit: Times of India & Nivetha's Instagram