Bharathi Kannamma is one of the trending TV serials on Star Vijay. Initially, the protagonists of the serial hubby Bharathi and wife Kannamma were couple goals.

Kannamma is a dark-skinned and soft-spoken Tamil girl who is often subjected to ill-treatment by her own family.

Bharathi is a self-righteous man who fell in love with Kannamma's kind nature and innocence.

But, soon Bharathi started doubting Kannamma's loyalty which enraged her. She left the house with a bag of clothes and fans applauded her brave decision.

She gave birth to two unidentical twin daughters and they were separated at birth by Kannamma's mother-in-law. It has ben several years and Bharathi still refuses to believe in Kannamma's innocence.

Fans are getting agitated as the story goes on without Bharathi finding out the truth about Kannamma. In a recent interview, the director revealed that if Bharathi and Kannamma reunite, the serial would need to end. That's the reason why they are planning a different storyline.

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Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Tamil News Samayam & Behindwoods