A name that needs no introduction as the entire world knows the Musician who brings the storm in his musical journey.

AR Rahman has been acclaimed for his humanism more than his musical journey, and he sets an inspiration in the way he embraces spirituality and infuses it into daily life. In celebration of the renowned music director's 57th birthday, Astro Ulagam will be sharing some snippets from his biography and interviews where he shared intriguing details about his personal life.

Gratitude to the Almighty

In almost every interview and award ceremony, we could witness that AR Rahman highlights his gratitude to the almighty for empowering him to serve the world.

“Ella pugazhum Oruvan Oruvanukke"!

The number of positive vibes which we could feel is unimaginable.

Spoke about suicidal thoughts

The maestro who grew up without his father went through a rough journey during his childhood period. According to AR Rahman's memoir bearing the title Spirit of Music, when he was a teen, he frequently battled with suicidal thoughts due to intense strain. But, with the help of his mother and his spirituality, he was able to overcome the traumatic life.

First Asian to win two Oscars in the same year

The well-known music composer is the first Asian to win two Oscars in the same year for the film "Slumdog Millionaire." In his successful career, he has also received a plethora of accolades and gained recognition as an Indian composer. From emerging as one of the World's Most Influential People in 2009, Rahman's debut soundtrack for Roja is on the list of TIME’s - ‘10 Best Soundtracks’ of all times.

Working on TWO shifts...

Nowadays, we can see young teens complaining about being tired and restless due to their back-to-back workload. But, do you know AR Rahman works double shifts?

When he was a teen, he decided to give up all of his joys, including partying, weekend getaways, and festival breaks. Instead of that, as a music director who has much love for his passion, he worked from 9 am to 9 pm before rushing to another studio by 10 pm and working there until 3 am.

A keyboardist before emerged as a Musical Maestro

With his boyhood pals Sivamani, John Anthony, Suresh Peters, Raja, and JoJo, A.R. Rahman played keyboards in a band. Later on, they formed a rock group called Nemesis Avenue in Chennai.

Rahman sir, thank you so much for showering us with your unparalleled music compositions. Happy Birthday, Isaipuyal!

Image Credit / Source: Bombay Times , Womensera, Billboard