Asura Vettai is a supernatural series that has been entertaining Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) viewers since the beginning of February.

Astro recently caught up with the cast and crew of the 20-episode series to find out the inspiration, and their hopes for the thriller.

SD Puvanendran, Director.

What was your inspiration behind this series?

The essence of the plot was the main inspiration behind Asura Vettai. I tried to explore two different ideologies at two different timelines with some common characters, and that was the most exciting part. Apart from that, the storytelling pattern inspired me to construct the story and screenplay, which will be great treat for the audience.

How has your experience been so far?

It was challenging, especially in the midst of this pandemic. Wrapping up what needed to be done in a very short time, elevated the challenge factor. However, with proper planning and execution from the entire team, we were able to put everything in place.

What can the audience look forward to with this series?

The audience can expect a crime thriller that will leave them on the edge of their seats at the end of every episode. In addition, this series is also infused with heart-warming family values that can make the audience relate to their personal lives.

Harridass & Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Cast

Please tell us about the roles you play in Asura Vettai?

Harridass: My character is known as ‘Silva’, a forensic photographer with a dark past. He inherits a special "gift" from his grandfather, which is the ability to see the dead through his camera's viewfinder. Although initially afraid of this ability, Silva eventually sets to find out the reason behind it.

Sangeeta: I play ‘Ameetha’, a police officer who heads the criminal investigation department. This is my first time playing such a role. Ameetha is someone very dedicated to her job and has a serious front. She tries to uphold her responsibility by serving and being protective. She’s practical and factually driven, and so, she finds it challenging to work on a case shrouded by superstition.

What are some of the notable differences between acting in a series, than in a movie?

Harridass: The script for a TV drama has two overarching stories – one in each episode and secondly, for the overall series. Compared to films, a series allows us to dive deeper into details. Nonetheless, the commitment and dedication as an actor remain the same for both types of productions.

Sangeeta: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SOPs (standard operating procedures) need to be strictly followed. The shooting hours for series are long, and there is time constraint. Shoots for movies, however, are focused on a few scenes a day. As an actress, there's also pressure to prepare, memorize and understand the lines, as scripts for series are usually a work-in-progress throughout the shoot, which is dependent on unplanned changes in shooting locations and other factors.

What are your hopes for this series?

Harridass: Asura Vettai carries a different feel and genre, and I hope it will be accepted by audience of all ages as we have tried something new and unique for our their viewing pleasure
Sangeeta: I hope it will be well-received by the audience. As a team, we underwent a lot of challenges to bring this crime thriller to the table, especially in the midst of a pandemic. We welcome constructive feedback from viewers which will be helpful for us to create appealing content that resonates with all Malaysians, moving forward.

You can catch Asura Vettai at 9pm, Mondays to Fridays on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231), or also stream them on via Astro GO and On Demand.