The unpredictable weather is taking a toll on Malaysians, leaving most of us sick, depressed and lethargic. Below are some Ayurvedic tips that just might help to energise and lift up the mood.

1. Meet people (sangha)

An instant mood-booster: make plans with your favourite people. You could also sign up for a yoga class to meet new friends. Keep your life interesting by getting involved in different types of activities and events.

2. Practice Kirtan

Kirtan is the practice of singing yogic songs, chants, shlokas and mantras. Often accompanied by a dance, it is a mood-booster and one of the best ways to feel happy and content.

3. Listen to yoga music

Listen to positive and uplifting music, especially yoga music. The trick is to listen to new music, not the ones that you are already familiar with.

4. Colour therapy.

Wear brightly coloured clothes to lift up the mood. Colours such as red, purple, orange and yellow would do the trick. Avoid darker colours such as black and grey.

5. Aromatherapy.

Use fragrances that are uplifting such as eucalyptus, orange, lemon, grapefruit; or sweet smells like rose or lotus. Add a few drops of essential oil to massage oil or in a diffuser.

6. Work the legs.

Working the legs with squats and lunges enhances your strength, power and courage. You will feel brighter and sharper.

Photo Source: Aithein Healing